Tiny Pretty Things Random Facts Season 1-5

After Cassie is pushed from the rooftop of a building by a hooded attacker, at the Archer School of Ballet in Chicago, Illinois becomes available, which is given to Neveah. She is allocated a dorm with roommate June, who is close friends with Bette, who ensures Neveah as a competitor. Neveah befriends Shane, who suspects that Nabil, who was in a relationship with Cassie, pushed her from the rooftop. After a party, Shane and Oren have sex, and they both verify it does not mean anything. However, Shane's last-minute regards longingly at a lesbian duet. June is questioned by Isabel, a police officer, about Cassie. She tells Isabel that every dancer but she was attending a party on the roof. Monique, the head of the school, hires Ramon to put on a yield, and he schedules auditions for a production of Jack the Ripper . June inspects Cassie in the hospital who is in a coma. Neveah receives a white-hot grow with a word from an anonymous sender after putting images up on her wall.

The rose that Neveah received motivated June to panic since there was a white rose on the street where Cassie bled out. Caleb comes mad at Nabil for crying in their area, territory their chamber is not a mosque. Caleb later states that Nabil is his enemy due to being Muslim since his father was killed in a campaign. When Shane goes to see Oren, Oren tells him that they can no longer do hookups since he can see it is affecting Shane, but Shane does not listen and obligates him to have intercourse with him. Neveah inspects Cassie, who is still in a coma. After Bette disables her hoof and heel rope, she takes medication from her father, but the head of sports medicine notices her injury during her audition and states that he may sign her off. June's mother carries up her belongings to make her home after she does not get a main role in the production.

Isabel informs Neveah that due to reports of bad action at his former school in Paris, she believes that Nabil may be targeting her. When Nabil is behind her as she virtually gets been struck by a truck, she supposes he pushed her and informs Isabel. However, Neveah's last-minute apology to Nabil for believing him, and the pair kiss. June alleges with her mom to allow her to stay at the Archer School, and when she tries to take her to New York, June informs her that she will be applying for emancipation.

Ramon's Ripper dance is misogynistic and Neveah tries to organize the other dancers to push back against his greedy behavior. Nonetheless, the school does not support her push for justice. Neveah and Bette applied the slice together that Ramon slept with Cassie in Paris when Bette establishes half of the picture of Ramon to Neveah. Bette surfaces with Neveah to stand up to Ramon, but along the way, she begins to suspect that Oren may not have been faithful to her.

Neveah visits her mother in prison and learns she is up for parole. Neveah must decide whether or not to support her mom in the courtroom. June is on her own and must raise money for her classes. She gets a job working at a high-end private resort known as Michi Beach Club and encounters a wealthy man referred to Travis who may help her. Bette is frantic to get a solo in Ramon's new ballet and tries to seduce him. The ballet students found that June had a stash of roofies and dosed Cassie the nighttime she fell.

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